Elie Khammar - Photographer

Over six thousand years, Beirut witnessed many civilizations, from the Canaanites to the Ottomans, and experienced tragic events as well, such as 2 earthquakes in the 6th Century AD and a flood followed by a giant fire that burned the city down to the ground. In 1975 the Lebanese civil war started with the purposeful and systematic destruction of the city center. Witnessing 15 years of civil war, Beirut city center was the target of tons of ammunitions that turned its parts into rubble. After less than a decade of reconstructions undertaken by Solidere, the city's historical landmarks and commercial center have been restored to their previous selves. On every count, Beirut pulled itself back from the ashes with an astounding determination to live and prosper. Once more history repeated itself. The ultimate goal behind the erection of such an enormous worksite was the renewal of Lebanon's major anchors, in order to welcome the millions of tourists, and to attract the capital investment necessary for the rebirth of the Lebanese economy. The following pictures display the spectacular rebirth of the Lebanese capital.


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