Novembre / November

fermez / close
Place des Martyrs: en hommage aux martyrs de l'indépendance de 1943, L'immeuble du Megastore Virgin (aux fenêtres rouges) était l'Opéra de Beyrouth avant la guerre de 1975. La restauration de la statue des Martyrs en cour. À gauche, la municipalité et à droite, en vert l'immeuble Annahar. L'immeuble de l'opéra et celle de la municipalité ont été restauré par SOLIDERE.

Martyrs Square: 'Al Bourj', 'Canon Square' are all names given to this very special place which witnessed a sequence of historical events. It was first called 'Al Bourj' after the tower at the northeastern angles which stood until 1984. It was then called 'Canon Square' after the Russian Marine installed cannons in order to protect Beirut from attacks coming from the sea during the 18th century. Finally it was called 'Martyrs Square' in commemoration of the martyrs of the Lebanese independance which took place on nover 22, 1943. On the 6th of May of every year, the martyr's day is celebrated in Lebanon, and in 1950 a sculpture was erected in the square. The sculpture representing the martyrs was partially damaged during the 1975 civil war, and is now being restored, it will be placed in the middle of the circular plants.